Full Set of DVD's plus a book!

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Get all of Stacy Westfall's DVDs for 20% OFF the retail price of $400...and her award winning book too!

This wonderful set includes 15 DVDs in total, that's 5 more disc than the 9 DVD set with Bonus DVD available everywhere else.  Over 20 hours of learning! This is the best set you can get!


  • Basic Body Control, 2 Disc Set
  • Basic Ground Work, 2 Disc Set
  • Starting Young Horses, 2 Disc Set
  • Teaching Your Horse To Bow, 1 Disc Set
  • How Does She Do That: Bridleless Riding, 1 Disc Set
  • Whoa! Teaching Your Horse To Stop, 1 Disc Set
  • The Subtle Cues You Give Your Horse, 1 Disc Set Exclusive
  • Chase Your Dreams Bonus DVD
  • Foundation for a Lifetime, 4 Disc Set

 “I have just recently bought all of your training DVDs, which I am absorbing over and over. Thanks!...I am not kidding, but your training DVDs are the easiest to understand that I have ever watched.  I have watched a lot too.  Thanks Again” -Rainee M.


The 9 boxes pictured contain a total of 15 DVDs plus the award winning book "Smart Start"