Full Set of DVD's plus a book!

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Get all of Stacy Westfall's DVDs for 20% OFF the retail price of $400...and her award winning book too!

This wonderful set includes 15 DVDs in total, that's 5 more disc than the 9 DVD set with Bonus DVD available everywhere else.  Over 20 hours of learning! This is the best set you can get!


  • Basic Body Control, 2 Disc Set
  • Basic Ground Work, 2 Disc Set
  • Starting Young Horses, 2 Disc Set
  • Teaching Your Horse To Bow, 1 Disc Set
  • How Does She Do That: Bridleless Riding, 1 Disc Set
  • Whoa! Teaching Your Horse To Stop, 1 Disc Set
  • The Subtle Cues You Give Your Horse, 1 Disc Set Exclusive
  • Chase Your Dreams Bonus DVD
  • Foundation for a Lifetime, 4 Disc Set

 “I have just recently bought all of your training DVDs, which I am absorbing over and over. Thanks!...I am not kidding, but your training DVDs are the easiest to understand that I have ever watched.  I have watched a lot too.  Thanks Again” -Rainee M.


The 9 boxes pictured contain a total of 15 DVDs plus the award winning book "Smart Start"

This product is also available in digital form (BOOK NOT INCLUDED). To buy the digital version of this product (BOOK NOT INCLUDED) and gain instant access follow this link: https://stacy-westfall.teachable.com/p/video-vault