Smart Start by Stacy Westfall with Sue M. Copeland

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Whether you want to build a solid foundation in your young horse or refresh an older horse's manners, this colt-starting program, featuring emotional training, is for you. It's based on techniques Stacy Westfall used to win the prestigious Road to the Horse colt-starting competition in 2006. 
Stacy Westfall shows you how to introduce pressure to a horse in a safe environment so he'll be able to control his fear in the real world, thus building his and your confidence, and making him a safer partner. 

In "Smart Start," you'll learn how to:

  • Read your horse's body language to establish the communication necessary for safety and basic control
  • Establish respect and build trust
  • Develop responsiveness and self-confidence in your horse
  • Gain independent control of his head, shoulders, and hips, which will increase your safety and ability to direct his movement both on the ground and under saddle
  • Establish forward motion the key to control when you mount up
  • Use verbal cues
  • Despook your horse "

Chapter 1: Emotional Training

Chapter 2: Ground Control

Chapter 3: Lock in Place

Chapter 4: Sack-Out Savy

Chapter 5: Bridle-Wise

Chapter 6: The Science of Sadding

Chapter 7: Saddle Up!

Chapter 8: Ground Driving

Chapter 9: Bending for Control

Chapter 10: Stand-Still Mount

Chapter 11: First Ride

Chapter 12: Trot, Lope, Then Ride Out

Chapter 13: Have a Ball Trailer Loading


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