Two videos and FREE book!

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Are you looking for a plan? Exercises to test your skills and advance your horse and your riding?

This set includes two of Stacy's best selling DVD's AND her award winning book, Smart Start. smart-start-copy.jpeg

The book is 107 pages and was written and published with Horse & Rider. It also won an award for the most informative educational series! Photos and text walk you through the stages of teaching emotional control, ground driving, standing still for mounting and more. Stacy always recommends that horses have a strong foundation, so why not revisit the lessons all horse should know? This book is ideal for those who desire to have solid understanding of the foundation exercises that all horses should know. 

bgw-dvd.pngAlso included is Stacy's 2.5 hour long DVD: Basic Groundwork

  • This informative DVD set includes basic groundwork exercises that are necessary for all horses and riders.
  • Stacy shows you how to teach your horse to control emotions in stressful situations, stay out of your personal space, give to pressure and more.
  • Lessons with a trained horse, an untrained colt and students with their horses are included.
  • Runtime of 2-1/2 hours




bbc.jpgAlso included is the DVD Basic Body Control:

This DVD set helps you learn to control specific areas of your horse's body while under saddle.
Basic body control exercises including

  • riders body position during bending
  • horses body position during bending
  • riders body position during counter-bending
  • horses body position during counter-bending
  • Stacy favorite training pattern! 

Horses of various levels of training are used for the lessons.
Runtime of 2-1/2 hours.


This set includes five hours of video and a full book, with free shipping, for $100!